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Pendoflex at Patagonia Cardiff

Here’s a few of the Pendoflex boards that will be at the Patagonia Cardiff store later this week! We are stoked and honored to build these boards for Patagonia Cardiff. The three boards shown here are all special, hand-shaped EPS, with epoxy glassing. Thanks for being online to check this out. Stay tuned for photos [...]

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Foggy morning

This morning revealed fog floating above the surf line at dawn. As the sun came up and began to warm the coastline, wisps of fog moved back and forth over the water, creating beautiful plays of light and color on the ocean. The surf is smaller this morning, with shorter intervals than the last few [...]

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Fresh batch of Geppy fins

Here’s a fresh batch of beautiful wood fins, shaped by Larry Gephart and then glassed by Steve, for Stevie to take back to the island nation of Kauai.

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Meet Little Wing

A single fin foil with elements of lift designed into the rail line, the board was designed to go right, with a thicker rail on the inside rail, tapering back to a blade from the center back to the tail, thus the designation Little Wing. Little Wing was designed and shaped by Steve. The beautiful [...]

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Ralph’s visit to our painting studio

Our friend Ralph Starkweather stopped by last weekend and produced this cool video chat with Steve in our garage painting studio.
Thanks so much Ralph!

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The Sacred Craft surfboard show

Steve and Cher will be at Sacred Craft, at the Groundswell Society booth.
Come say Hello!

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Tyler’s new fish!

Recently Tyler has been living in New Zealand’s Northland, and this week is back in San Diego for a visit with his family. Here are Tyler and Steve with Ty’s new four fin fish. This morning we were blessed with some fun 2-3 foot NW windswell at Ocean Beach. We had fun sharing waves with [...]

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The Hullabaloo, a favorite ride

Here’s a photo of our family Hullabaloo. It’s a fun, versatile little six foot board that is about 20-3/4″ wide and has a slight belly in the nose. This board has three fins, but the design works well as a single fin or a quad, as well. Steve glassed this one with avocado green and [...]

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Transparentsea Day 1 – The Message, wishing them well

A large crowd of well-wishers gathered on Byron Bays Main Beach this morning to show their support for five daring environmental campaigners who have begun a 36 day voyage by sea to Sydney to highlight the plight of migrating humpback whales and to draw awareness to coastal pollution issues.
Dubbed Transparentsea, the odyssey is an initiative [...]

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SONDAY brought San Diego a blustery dawn

Thank you Lord for the beautiful morning moonset over the sea, windswept by our first real bluster of Fall. We went on our early morning walk and the brisk wind and fresh air felt so good! We are grateful to live our lives and surf in a homeland that we love. Love and Aloha!



Powerful, so [...]

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