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8′4″ swallow tail Pendoflex Hullabaloo

Here’s a special 8′4″ high aspect twin fin Pendoflex Hullabaloo for Max.

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Flying sea foamies

Sea foam balls were flying this morning along the shore! Mother O was a sea of white, with sea birds, gulls, and pelicans soaring in the 45 mph wind gusts, with hail and rainbows to boot!

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Magnificent Tuesday

We celebrated the gusty winds, pelting rain and strong storm energy of Monday. Tuesday began with a beautiful soft sunrise and rolling overhead waves, some out near the tee of the Ocean Beach pier, which is 1/2 mile long. As the day progressed there were wind gusts over 40 mph, which to us in San Diego is [...]

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Tyler Warren flying on the Rubber Ducky, 54″ Pendoflex

Here’s some great shots that John Smart kindly sent of Tyler Warren ripping on the little Pendoflex 4′6″, from their upcoming film, The Tyler Warren Experiments. The frame grabs are courtesy of Mark Jeremias. Thank you John, Tyler and Mark for riding and sharing.
Steve made the little Pendoflex in 2007 as a family board that [...]

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What a great week, we’re getting lots of work done, and surfing, too!
Happy Aloha Sunday!

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Fresh batch of Geppy fins 2, high pressure!

The warm high pressure weather in San Diego has been great for glassing Geppy fins for the gang, the work gets done quicker! And these were a rush for the gang in a hurry. . . dubble ups on the high pressure!!!!
Sorry, Luke, you’re not in this batch. Out for now. . . Cowa-flexit!

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Peaceful morning, 2010

On January 1, we took a longer sunrise walk than usual, taking time to appreciate the beauty of the small details as well as larger vistas. There was a light breeze and the pelicans enjoyed soaring above the waves. We hope you enjoy the photos.

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Blue Moon New Year, 2010

Beautiful weather and fun surf conditions welcomed our Blue Moon New Year and new decade 2010. Once in a Blue Moon, two full moons occur in one month, as they did in on December 2 and December 31 2009.
Happy New Year, 2010!
May this year and decade bring more love, compassion, peace and joy.
Love and Aloha, [...]

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