Sweet Pendoflex swallowtail for MM and beautiful waves

The sweet Pendoflex swallowtail trifin that Steve built for Mike M is now in the North East, ready to ride and we’re looking forward to hearing stories. Steve designed and hand-shaped Mike’s board from a special blank with twin cedar stringers and orange glue-ups. We painted his board with mellow coast to coast sunrise and sunset colors and then Steve glassed it with special care.

The black and white wave photo was borrowed (with respect) from the Shipworm & Gribble blog, reeling peeler (thanks, Mollusk NY folks).


Steve with the finished Pendoflex swallowtail for MM

Steve with the finished Pendoflex swallowtail for MM

Sweet barrel 3.14.10 atgright

Smok'n barrel 3.14.10 atgright, Photo: Mollusk NY folks

Random coast to coast, Spring NW at OB Pier

Coast to coast Aloha, Spring NW at OB Pier

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2 Comments on "Sweet Pendoflex swallowtail for MM and beautiful waves"

  1. reverb
    26/03/2010 at 9:14 pm Permalink


    the 5 10 posted 21 March looking very fine.

    however in my experience adding a big but extremelly thin swallow tail enhance the ride on hollow waves
    doing tight arcs in the curl with better hold


  2. pendo
    27/03/2010 at 11:33 am Permalink

    Hi, Reverb,
    Thanks for visiting. We enjoy swallowtails, too. The arc tail on March 21 is a custom board for a friend who saw some of our other boards and wanted to try a different tail and foil.

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