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Celebration of Life, part 2

Sunday, March 27th was a beautiful day. Aloha nui, Jimmy.

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Celebration of Life

Rest in Peace, Jimmy Blears. Our prayers are with Jimmy, and all the family and friends. Today his ashes will be placed in the waters of Waikiki, where he first saw the sea as a little boy, at 10 AM at San Souci Beach.
We first met Jimmy when he was staying with our friend Mike [...]

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Beautiful Pendoflex swallowtail for Dr. Eddie

Hello, there. Steve built a beautiful Pendoflex swallowtail for Dr. Eddie . . . smiles all around. Eddie’s new swallowtail is 6′ long and 20.25″ wide. After he picked up his board, Steve and I enjoyed a sunny afternoon drive and walk along the hillside by the ocean. . . the cloud formations and spring [...]

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New Pendoflex Rubber Ducky for James!

Hello there, here are more pictures of the beautiful custom EPS Pendoflex Rubber Ducky that Steve just finished building for James. This little Ducky is 5′8″ long, 22-5/8″ wide and features a full length deck and special birch keels (with 90/10 foils) all hand made with care by Steve. Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

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Hail spring morning!

Hi, there. This morning was cool and breezy, with showers and even some hail to welcome spring. Here are some photos from our walk. We hope that you have a beautiful day. We’re keeping good thoughts and prayers for Japanese friends. Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

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Get your green on!

Hello, there! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! This morning we went for a walk in the fog (wearing our green) . . . we could hear the roar of the swell but could only see the high tide shore break at best. On a Pendoflex note, Steve just finished this beautiful new EPS Rubber Ducky for [...]

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Love and mercy for our Japanese friends

This morning we woke to news of the devastating 8.9 earthquake in Japan. We are keeping good thoughts and prayers for everyone affected by the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan and around the Pacific. Here is one of our favorite art works by the legendary Japanese woodcut artist Hokusai.
Much love, Cher and Steve

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A whole lot of paint going on!

Hi there! We appreciate the wind and rain showers, today was a good work day. Steve painted the 9′4″ Pendoflex swallow tail for Dr. Living Stone and we enjoyed a creative, productive time. Here are a few projects from the day. . .
Thank you for visiting. Cowa-flexit and Aloha!

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