Pendo 2021!

Aloha, family and friends, Happy Sunday. Here’s Steve with “First Pendoflexes finished in the New Year!! Cowa-flext!!”

We’re thinking of you, take good care and stay safe!
Aloha, Cher and Steve xo

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Happy New Year!

Hey, there! Aloha, family and friends. We’re thinking of you, and wish you all the best in the New Year – 2021. Here’s Steve with a sweet, freshly shaped Pendoflex egg for a young lady surfer friend. Ready for paint! The sunrise-moonset on January 1, 2021 was gorgeous! We’re grateful for each moment. Take good care and stay safe!

Aloha and Cowaflexit! Steve and Cher

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Cowa-flexit! Moby Duck!!

Whooo hooo! Moby Duck takes on the slab! Go JK! Thank You for the pics! Picture 1: JK. and Moby Duck barrel; Picture 2: Pendoflexers JK and PJ, Cowaflexit!! Picture 3: JK with Moby Duck Pendoflex. Stoked for you!! Take good care and stay safe! Aloha and Cowa-flexit! Steve and Cher

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Sweet Rubber Ducky!!

Hi, there! Steve shaped and built this custom Pendoflex Rubber Ducky with hand-crafted care, for Mr. C. We’re stoked!! Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

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At the Pendoflex shop

Much love and Cowa-flexit!

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Sweet 5’10” Pendo Egg!

Hi, there! Steve shaped a sweet custom 5’10” egg yesterday and we’ll be painting it soon! The dimensions are 5″10″ x 20.”

More to come! Aloha and Cowa-flexit! Steve and Cher

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For Sale! 6’0″ Pendoflex Swallow Tail! SOLD!!!

Beautiful Pendoflex EPS and epoxy swallowtail tri fin, 100% handmade by Steve. Excellent, lightly used condition. 6’0”, N 13-3/4”, W 19-3/4”, T 15-1/2”, Thickness 2-5/8” for a 200 pounder. EPS/epoxy built strong, using S cloth construction. Includes fins. $650 firm. Can ship. Interested? Email us at

Thank you for visiting!

Cowaflexit! Aloha, Steve and Cher

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Custom Pendoflex Ducky!

Hello, there. During this unprecedented time, we hope that you are doing well. We are grateful to continue our custom board making and arts, one at a time, working alone in our little workshop and art studio. Here is a sweet Pendoflex 5’4″ Ducky that Steve recently finished. Take good care and stay safe. Aloha and Cowa-flexit! Steve and Cher

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Custom 6’3″ Pendoflex Wing Swallow!

Aloha, family and friends! Here’s Steve and Scotty with Scotty’s new custom 6’3” Pendoflex. Yeah, we’re a little bit older now, his last Pendoflex was 19” wide, this one is 19-1/2.” We opened the displacement up a bit, and added a few more updates. We’re sending our smiles! Aloha and Cowaflexit!

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Pendoflex mid-length!

Hi, there! Here’s Steve with “Albatross finding its way in 2020,” complete! ‘One of the first custom Pendoflexes that we built in 2020. A beautifully shaped mid length Pendoflex painted with joy-filled waves a plenty! Stoked! We’re sending our smiles!
Aloha and Cowa-flexit, Steve and Cher

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